Death? I Think Not!

I have just survived the worst lightning storm I have driven through in my life. I thought my car got struck right outside of Kansas City it was so close. Amazing to see though. I have arrived in Columbia, MO to quickly repack. Next stop is St. Louis, a.k.a.’d as “The Lou” according to Spirit Magazine. I am a few hours behind schedule due to travel delays so I will update more on this later.

>>>Pray for me as I try to stay awake going to St. Louis in the dark after a long week. And pray for my car, because she is staying in St. Louis for the time that I am gone and I’m sure she will get lonely (like a dog at a kennel).




About thesiberianexpress

I am a Christian minister currently serving the people in Orenberg, Russia. This is a record of my encounters and thoughts while living cross-culturally.
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One Response to Death? I Think Not!

  1. brittany2e says:

    You be careful, brother. You better arrive and return alive!!! 😉

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