We Should Catch Up

I know that my posts are still about a week or two behind but I continue to be distracted every time I plan to write. This is good and bad. It’s frustrating but it is good to have spontaneous plans and things to do as well. So let’s catch up. I will try to not be too general but also I will try to get us closer to real time.

First of all, let’s finish with camp.

"The Red ARMy"

I will post a picture of our stellar river slide (made of wood and plastic like pool liner) below. This was an important part of camp. Also important was late night games played in an empty field; S’more night (I hate s’mores), frisbee lessons, and talent night.

The 30ft slide

The only sports equipment I chose to bring was an ultimate frisbee and it turns out, Russians don’t know how to play or how to even throw a frisbee so this became an instant “hit” with everyone and we all had a lot of fun in the process. I enjoyed teaching everyone and it was a great connection tool for me. Talent night was incredible. All of the students are very talented and the show turned out to be something very

Late night field games with Volodya and Erik

memorable. It was probably the most enjoyable show I have seen in a long time and it was FREE! Everyone gave professional performances and I say this as something of an entertainment critic. Quite amazing. If I can get my videos to transfer I will post them too. Again, what a blessing it was for things to go so well to allow me to gain connections so quickly. I have had the chance to spend a lot of time with the English camp students that live in Orenburg and that’s really good for a lot of reasons. They say “slava Bogu” here… “praise God!”

We waited for buses to come and pick us up on the last day as everyone said their goodbyes to each other after breakfast, and we bounced for an hour or two all the way into Orenburg on the “off-road” dirt roads. The students were tired and probably smelly, but they looked peaceful and it made me smile! The real work was about to start!


Also, I will begin to have a SHOUTOUT section either on my page or in my posts. Each “shoutout” will be like a special hello to one specific person. To receive a “shoutout” you must make contact with me. Afterwards, I might make a shoutout out of the conversation, so keep posted!

The first “Shoutout” will go to Christy! Congratulations!

SHOUTOUT: Christy, I think you work too much so enjoy your vacation. But don’t be gone for too long because Fang told me he is already lonely and he doesn’t have a ride to his support group this week…

A city bus

Tired on the bus ride! (Bounce, bounce, POTHOLE!)

It's okay, the crazy guy is German...


About thesiberianexpress

I am a Christian minister currently serving the people in Orenberg, Russia. This is a record of my encounters and thoughts while living cross-culturally.
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One Response to We Should Catch Up

  1. Mantha Saaaaaam says:

    brotha brotha brotha. how dearly i miss you. we should schedule a time to skypey skype each other, especially since jen is really excited that she can talk to you, too. hooray for new roomies. aaaaaaaanywho. we love you much and we hope to talk to you soon ❤

    -your sarcastic sister

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